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Have you been arrested for a drug crime in Georgia? When it comes to the use, possession, or sale of controlled substances, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney that can stand up for your rights. The attorneys of Fennell, Briasco & Associates™ have represented hundreds of clients across Georgia in both misdemeanor and felony drug cases. Our mission is to put forward your best case in defending you against harsh criminal penalties. For your best shot at dropping, dismissing, or reducing your drug charges, contact the team at Fennell, Briasco & Associates™ for a FREE consultation.

Drug crimes in Georgia involve any number of controlled substances. In the suburbs of Metro Atlanta, we represent clients facing charges for crimes involving: (1) marijuana, including THC concentrates and oils, (2) cocaine, (3) heroin, (4) pharmaceutical opiates, including hydrocodone (Vicodin) and oxycodone (OxyContin), and (5) benzodiazepines, including alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium). For questions about your drug charges, contact our team today for more information. (770) 956-4030


Drug possession charges are distressing. We know the story of so many clients—a routine traffic stop turns into a vehicle search, which turns into the police finding a small amount of drugs in the car, which turns into handcuffs and a trip to jail. This single event can turn your life upside down, affecting everything from your personal relationships to your professional goals.

At Fennell, Briasco & Associates™, our job is to make it easier. We can take the reins in your drug possession case from the very beginning so that you can relax while our legal experts handle the complicated legal proceedings. Our criminal defense lawyers use the most effective criminal defense strategies to seek a dismissal of your charges and reduced harsh criminal sentences.

Factors affecting your drug possession case might include:

  • The type of controlled substance found during your arrest
  •  The quantity of controlled substances found during your arrest
  • Whether the controlled substance is classified as a Schedule I-V drug;
  • Your criminal history, including prior drug offenses
  • Other types of evidence and paraphernalia found at the time of your arrest
  • The circumstances of your arrest, including the conduct of the police officers

Possession with Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute is one step above a simple possession charge. If the police believe that you were preparing drugs for sale or distribution, then you can be hit with even bigger fines and a longer possible jail sentence. For many defendants, charges of possession with intent to distribute aren’t always fair. Because police often lack direct evidence of a defendant’s sale of drugs, this arrest is usually based on circumstantial evidence from around the time of arrest.

For example, a person may be charged with possession with intent to distribute if police find (i) plastic baggies or other containers for distribution, (ii) a digital scale, (iii) large amounts of cash, (iv) sales ledgers or sales records, or (v) other evidence that might indicate the distribution of narcotics. The problem is that this evidence doesn’t always hold up in court. The possession of large amounts of cash or the possession of a digital kitchen scale is not always indicative of the defendant’s intent to sell narcotics. To learn whether you may have a legal challenge to this evidence, contact the attorneys at Fennell, Briasco & Associates™ for a criminal defense consultation.


Drug-related items can, by themselves, lead to serious criminal consequences. If police find drug paraphernalia in your jacket pocket or car’s glove compartment, you’re probably going to get more than a slap on the wrist. Instead, you could be charged with the misdemeanor crime of paraphernalia, which can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and jail time up to 1 year. Drug paraphernalia cases could be based police finding:

  • Pipes, bongs, vapes, rolling papers, or other smoking devices
  • Drug packaging or containers
  • Needles and/or syringes
  • Lighters
  • Pill bottles

Find a Georgia Drug Crimes Attorney

In all Georgia drug cases, defendants have the right to seek constitutional and statutory protections under the law. Whether you can drop, dismiss or reduce your charges comes down to the experience of your criminal defense attorney. At Fennell, Briasco & Associates™, our team is proud to have helped thousands of clients in achieving the best possible resolution in their case. At every stage of the criminal proceeding, we are looking for ways to reduce your exposure to risk and minimize jail time. Contact us today at (770) 956-4030 for a FREE case evaluation.



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